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Welcome to the website of our Company!

      "Sigma" Company Ltd. ("Sigma" Co. Ltd.) operates at  the market of chemical raw materials and supplies products from leading manufacturers on advantageous and  convenient for every customer.

The company forms a range of chemical  products based  on maximum  customer satisfaction. This was made possible thanks to a well-established relationships with manufacturers of  chemical raw materials from different countries.

We can offer the customer the delivery of products necessary for him as soon as possible, because we have great opportunities in logistics.

Also  we  can  offer  the  customer  competitive prices  thanks to direct purchases from manufacturers.
Our suppliers - are large producers of raw materials from different countries: China, Republic of Korea, U.S., Japan,  etc.

We supply following chemical products:

epoxy resins, 

acrylic resins, 

hydrocarbon  resins, 

chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC),

copolymer of vinyl chloride vinyl acetate (VC-VA),

copolymer of vinyl chloride vinyl isobutyl ether,

ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA),

polyvinylbutiral (PVB),

iron oxide pigments,

zinc dust and etc.

Our portfolio of products is not limited to the above products. Along with them, we carry out search of raw materials  by  request  of  customer  with the provision of samples and formulation, as well as technical support that we receive directly from the manufacturer of these products.

Working with us, you get a reliable and responsible partner.